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Follow roommates; hopeless romantic, and costume designer Lavender "Lav" Macallister (played by Ruby-Kate Pellant) and make up wearing street punk and Charmer member Fionn "Fio" McVernon (played by Caleb Palmer), as they try to navigate the perils of monster, gangs and rent in this Urban Fantasy live/real/actual play, comedy table top RPG podcast in Hunter: The Vigil.

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    Season One Finale Pt. 1 - D3 Ep. 13

    Lav and Fio get ready to take on Robin for (hopefully) the last time. They have a team to gather, equipment to purchase, alliances to make and most importantly some soul searching to do (and maybe a date thrown in there for good luck). Our adventures get ready to dive into the depths of Robin's lair in the first part of our season one finale.

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré.

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    Recharge - D3 In-Between #10

    Lav and Fio take the time they need to rest before their hunt for Robin and they make the most of it. There are meals with friends, conventions, announcements at work, appointments and maybe even a Charmers shopping trip. It is a fun time by all, but some may come out of it looking different than when they went in.

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré.

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    More Than a Game - D3 Ep. 12

    Franky and Seamus have seen some strange things going on at the local game shop, and the only ones that can help and Lav and Fio. As per usual of course, but what they find there might not be what they expect.

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré.

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    Happy Birthday Ruby - D3 Christmas One Off

    We are back with another holiday one off bonus episode, but this time it's Christmas. Listen as the Special Cases Task Force's newest members deal with the hated Christmas shift. Listen for twists and turns, Santa's and dogs and maybe even some creepier mystery and intrigue. All written and run by a special GM Ruby (it is her birthday after all).

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré

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    Mind Reading - D3 In-Between #9

    Fio and Lav take a much needed break after their climatic fight with Robin. And these couple weeks are the perfect time for some parties, clubbing, heart to hearts and lots of exposition.

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré.

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    They Follow - D3 Ep. 11

    This episode has a little something for everyone. Do you like cheesy horror movies? Westerns? Heart wrenching drama? Hows about ski ball? Well if any of those things interest you or even if they don't, make sure you give this episode a listen.

    Trigger Warning for Hospitals and Familial Death

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré

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    Jobs Start, Relationships End - D3 In-between #8

    New jobs are around the corner for both Lav and Fio, but unfortunately so are some tough conversations. See how the intrepid duo deals with meeting new people, new opportunities, new equipment and tough conversations.

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré.

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    Fetch Quest - D3 Ep. 10

    Now that Lav and Fio have their secrete weapon, all they need to do is find some final enchantments and blessings for it. Listen as Lav and Fio hop around (and out of) Boston talking to friends and contacts alike; to make deals and collect what they need to finally complete a weapon, which, may be able to turn the tide against Robin once and for all. And who knows? Maybe there will even be some character growth thrown in there just for fun.

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré.

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    A D3 Halloween - D3 Bonus

    A strange and spooky Halloween one off like only D3 can provide. Full of twists and turns, references and jokes, bad accents and plans. It even has spooky audio difficulties that plagued Caleb on his first full episode as editor. We hope you enjoy the fast pace and silliness that only a one off like this can provide.

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré

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    Jam Packed - D3 in-Between #7

    Thank you for all of everyone's understanding and now D3 is back to it's regularly scheduled programming. This Weeks In-between is jam packed with dates, reunions, new allies, bad decisions and a whole lot of confusing emotions. Pretty much everything you would want from a episode of D3 the Podcast.

    Music by Andrés Ballesterosré.

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